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Just remember this quick tip - No one is posting their failures or their losses on Social Media - put on blinders and attack that death pile honey you are in the SALES business NOT the Storage Business

Tip #6

How to Hire a Poshmark Virtual Assistant 

When you see all of the sellers on poshmark that seem to be powerhouses, be aware 99% of them have a virtual assistant (some have two) that are working behind the curtain building that business, some admit it, some refuse to ever admit it going so far as to talk poorly about using them, but low and behold they DO use them.  More times than not they are using a service like ours that is Discreet and REFUSE to name drop to get more customers.  We are all about trust and privacy when you are OUR customer.  
What is a Virtual Assistant for Online Resellers and why do you need one and what about all the “talk” about them?
A Virtual Assistant for the online reseller is similar to any administrative or technical virtual assistant, except that they are more geared towards building your online selling business and have the experience from the selling platforms such as poshmark, mercari, depop and ebay.
They can perform many different tasks based on a couple of factors.
1.) What selling platform are you currently using?
  • A Poshmark Virtual Assistant performs tasks such as daily self sharing by human assistants and not bots, community sharing of other poshmark seller closets in order to promote goodwill and congeniality. Additionally they can perform something called “targeted following” which means that they will analyze the top brands you sell in your closet and then they seek out and find the poshmark users that follow those brands on the app and they follow them in an attempt to expand your closets visibility and exposure in order to make sales to brand loyal audiences. You can also rely on poshmark virtual assistants to create new listings for your based on the photos that you share with them and the price point information you provide. After creating an original closet listing for you, they can then, without using automation programs cross post each of your closet items to other selling platforms to grow your business across all platforms, doing this guarantees that you will make more money.
  • Ebay and Mercari virtual assistants we also offer these services as well, create, manage and track sales and data from these sites to provide a better outlook on trending items in your business as well as the tasks listed above such as creating new content and listings in your online stores and also cross posting listings from ebay to all platforms.
  • Online Selling Data Analyzing Assistant. These assistants take the data from your poshmark reports and analyze not just the numbers, but also take a hard look at your closet and assist you in creating a strong closet presence that will allow you to attract your ideal buyers and repeat customers.
When considering hiring a Virtual Assistant for your poshmark or other online selling business what should you be careful of or be leary of?
1. )
If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. A lot of buzz is going around that is hurting the virtual assistant world for online sellers, while this hurts the VA world, it hurts the online seller world more, because every GOOD business owner that is successful knows that without a doubt the key to growing a business and making MORE MONEY is ALWAYS hiring help to do that. Micromanaging never made any real business owner successful, and you will not be the first small business owner to succeed by thinking that you can do everything. It sounds great in theory but then the real world smacks that thought down and you end up getting burned out or imposter syndrome. Watching large sellers on instagram or reading their posts on facebook may inspire you, but let them inspire you, not manipulate you or hold you down with their theories and words. Your business is YOUR BUSINESS and their business is theirs. There is nothing easy about being successful as an online seller, it is hard work, you in the beginning will make far less than minimum wage but as you allow yourself to get out of your own way and hire an assistant to ASSIST you then you will grow and sustain and that is what you are trying to do, build the business YOU dream of, not the business some person you have never met or maybe met at a posh event mold or manipulate your world. The only person making the choices in your business, is the one paying the bills at the end of the day. YOU or your partner or your parents even, but it is not someone trying to guilt or scare you into making moves to make more money and grow larger……..larger than they are even if you put your mind to it you can do it.
It may sound good to hire someone from an overseas gig service, but remember that sick feeling you had when just the thought of giving your personal information out had you scared, well now you are sending your businesses confidential information across the world and who knows what they will do. Not to mention when you hire from overseas gig workers, you are taking away from U.S. workers that need this side gig in our country. Virtual Assistants for online sellers are paid per click (no they are not paid minimum wage, they are not paid by the hour or by the day they are paid by the click of the mouse button and this is not meant to be their sole source of income. You may ask yourself why would someone work for less ? Well, because most of them are using this to supplement their families incomes or their social security or they just simply do it to be able to build an annual Christmas account or a college fund for their kids that they can build. They are working from home in their PJ’s, they are feeding their babies while sharing for you, they are sharing your closet while working their online telephone customer support jobs so they are multi tasking and this is supplementing the full time money they are making while taking reservations for rental cars, or booking hotel rooms, some of them are sharing while they are rocking their baby to sleep……...none of these things could be done if they were forced to waste money driving to a minimum wage job (some states minimum wage is only 7.35 an hour BEFORE taxes which is 6.06 an hour after taxes, add in child care costs, and you are already negative, not to mention the gas it takes to get them to work, the parking costs for some, clothing and upkeep because they are not wearing pajamas to a regular job, insurance on their vehicle or bus/train fare all of those factors and ANY regular minimum wage job they are a couple hundred in the negative, these pay per click jobs, they are home while their children are doing virtual homeschool in the new normal. They are keeping themselves and their families safe from COVID by staying safe and staying home and still earning money to help their household budgets. Some people that cannot figure that out are usually people that have never had to choose between childcare and feeding said child, nor having to worry about childcare costs while also worrying about how many miles they have to walk to work in the cold because they couldn’t afford a bus pass or train card or car and car insurance and gas and parking because they knew after all of the costs just to get to the job meant they couldn’t pay a sitter or daycare center or after hours child care center. We solve this issue with pay per click side gigs for them that allows them to not have to experience these costs while working from the comfort of their homes and allowing them to do OTHER work from home jobs as well. Including having their own online selling businesses like on ebay and mercari that are less work for them and they still generate income from that.
So the next time you hear someone say that theres no way ANYONE would work for XXX a month or a week…….ask yourself as a reseller how much you make PER HOUR when you break down ALL of your overhead of transportation to and from sourcing spots, prepping your new inventory, inspecting every item, washing and steaming items, researching comps on pricing, photographing each item and all the detail on that item, then creating the content for each item and listing it and then sharing it 3 or 4 or 5 times a day in full or more if you want to make good money on the app, so say you spend 6 hours a day or 8 hours a day on the poshmark app after all the above mentioned tasks, then you add in what you ACTUALLY spend, the average poshmark seller admits to spending at least 13 hours a day 7 days a week on the app. The number reaches 18 hours on busy holidays or days where they engage more. (126 hours a week of work to make MINIMUM WAGE in the lowest paying state in the country you would NEED to clear 926.10 PER WEEK on the poshmark app in order to clear minimum wage and 1,890 dollars PER WEEK for the states that have minimum wage of 15.00 per hour. Are you making that ? If you are not CLEARING that after expenses and overhead, you are making less than minimum wage and according to the “influencers” that tell you that there is no way someone would work for less than minimum wage XXX amount of hours a day …….they are also indirectly talking about you as well because you are working 126 hours a week and if say you make 100.00 a day AFTER expenses that is 700.00 a week (which most poshers DO NOT sell 100.00 a day everyday 365 days a year) Now even at 100.00 a day in NET Sales, you are now making 5 bucks an hour…….and the less in sales you make a week that number goes down. Poshmark themselves will tell you that per their data they expect that the average poshmark seller will make 500.00 PER YEAR that is the equivalent to 1.36 a DAY, or 9.52 a WEEK. So the next time you hear someone speaking poorly or negatively about virtual assistants that are making so little realize that the average reseller on selling platforms make less, but still you DO THIS and with the help of our virtual assistant team, you will MAKE MORE MONEY you will make MORE SALES and you will continue to grow so that you can also be a top seller and a top earner and you can be a positive influence on other new sellers and show them how you did it.
Hire us today let us help you build your dreams, build your income and build your business and brand.
TIP #7
How to Set up your 2020/2021 New Normal Poshmark Boutique 
For my boutique sellers on the poshmark app and their own Shopify or Wix stores, Here are six themes and trends — color, loungewear, natural materials, sustainability, denim, and face masks — that can inform the way you stock your boutique store with wholesale clothing, in 2020 and beyond.
Patti Carpenter recently shared a wealth of insights about what’s popular for the upcoming fall and winter. Patti analyzes social, political, economic, environmental, and technological current events to help guide accurate assessments of upcoming trends.
Discussing color specifically, Patti shared that color accounts for 50-80% of human engagement with any given product. In 2020, while many around the world are spending more time at home, making color choices in apparel is one of the few ways people can express themselves. Sinae Kim of popular U.S. wholesale apparel brand Sadie & Sage shared with us in an interview how she’s seen an array of bold colors in the orders she’s received throughout the pandemic, a sign of consumers using color to enhance their moods.
Color is so inherently important when it comes to apparel that Pantone releases a report on color ahead of every New York Fashion Week  (NYFW). “Offering a rich narrative, the color palette for Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 highlights our desire for versatile, timeless color. Reflecting a ‘less is more’ mindset that is becoming increasingly important to consumers prioritizing value and functionality, our color palette is stripped of excess,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Imbued with strength and personality, colors for Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 encourage our ongoing desire for unique self-expression through creative and unusual visual statements that stand out.”
Patti identified several color groups that are on-trend and shared what makes them each appealing.
Warm tones
According to Patti, when we feel untethered and surrounded by chaos — as many people do this year — warm colors can be very comforting. Warmth tends to feel optimistic and nurturing. 
Many of the hues on Pantone’s NYFW Fall/Winter color palette are warm, including Amberglow, Samba, Sandstone, Rose Tan, Peach Nougat, and Fired Brick. Patti also commented on the popularity of blush tones, corals, and mustard yellows.
Blue is the most preferred color in the world, according to Patti — it’s the number one “favorite color.” The love for the color blue can be directly connected to the sky and the ocean, both large parts of everyday nature.
The Pantone NYFW Fall/Winter color palette includes Blue Depths, Sleet, and Classic Blue, which is also Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020. Patti shared how navy blue tones have been a bit brighter over the last season, offering a happier and more optimistic color quality than more muted counterparts.
Green is nature’s neutral color. It can evoke notions of foliage, herbs, nourishment, and wellbeing.
Ultramarine Green and Military Olive are both included in Patone’s NYFW Fall/Winter color palette this year. Patti also spoke about the popularity of olive and military greens, as well as icier mint greens.
Tie-dye is an application of color rather than a true color group — but it’s wildly popular this year, which is why it makes our list of colors. This trend has been a hallmark of the pandemic. We continue to see buyers search for “tie dye” at nine times the rate of searches in early March 2020 until present day
Patti also said this trend can be expanded to any type of hand-dyeing techniques, as a return to handmade products increases in popularity. This includes dip dyeing, shibori, and more.
2. Loungewear
The popularity of loungewear is another wholesale apparel trend that can be attributed to the 2020/21 pandemic. People are in their homes more than usual, and they want to feel comfortable.
During our Faire Summer Market event in August, one of the most popular search queries was for alpaca socks, a style that evokes snuggly comfort heading into the colder months. Likewise, sweatshirts and hoodies — in trending color palettes such as tie-dye — have been popular over the course of this year and will continue to be throughout the fall and winter. One U.S.-based wholesale clothing brand, NYTT, has embraced the loungewear trend with cozy sets and separates in multiple colors and fabrics. Joggers or sweatpants with matching pullovers are the perfect outfit for hanging out at home. Plus, additional loungewear pieces including rompers, jumpsuits, and athleisure styles speak further to the desire for comfort.
3. Natural materials
When it comes to materials, Patti has seen a shift away from sterile, inexpensive products to high-quality, sturdy, and organic fabrics. Buyers are also opting for natural dyes and apparel brands that are transparent about their choice of materials. You can stock your boutique store with natural fibers including organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp.
We’re seeing many high-quality wholesale clothing brands on Faire embrace natural materials in their production. Cansu Cansever of wholesale apparel brand The Handloom is inspired by nature, which makes it easy to infuse into her line of textiles that are handwoven from Turkish cotton. “I am inspired by nature, natural elements, and earthy colors. When I’m in nature I find simple pleasures,” says Cansu. For example, the Canggu maxi dress is made of 100% cotton, and the loose, natural style fits most shoppers.
Sweet Bamboo is another wholesale clothing brand that makes apparel for kids and babies from bamboo-derived fabrics. Wendy Desio, the founder of the brand, chose bamboo after months of research and testing. “I wanted fabric that was different than traditional cotton; something that felt like cashmere and silk combined. I was seeking soft, hypoallergenic, and sustainable,” said Wendy. 
4. Sustainability
As preferences shift away from fast fashion, the importance of sustainability and longevity in apparel will continue to gain traction. Patti shared that consumers will be buying fewer yet higher-quality goods. Shoppers will be more interested in keeping products longer, and even passing them down to family and friends. 
This is aligned with many popular trend predictions at the start of the new decade. Now more than ever, consumers crave an emotional connection to the products they purchase and the shops from which they buy. “We now have a consumer that isn’t about packing the closet full of stuff, but is trying to understand what is most meaningful to purchase,” said Susan Reda, editor of the NRF’s STORES Magazine, at the end of 2019.
It means that certain values — eco-friendly, small batch, and handmade — will continue to be increasingly important when you stock your boutique store with high-quality wholesale clothing. The “handmade” shopping filter on Faire is  our second most popular product tag this year, and was also a top preference at Faire Summer Market. Plus, in 2019, 37% of millennial women said they would prefer to receive a handmade gift.
Vero Moda is an example of an eco-friendly wholesale apparel brand whose mission focuses on quality and sustainable practices. For example, the Flavia tank dress utilizes faux horn buttons and a 100% cotton fabric. 
Line & Dot is another high-quality U.S. clothing line that offers handmade apparel, featuring items such as the River vegan leather short.
5. Denim
According to Patti, on-trend denim is transitioning from dark washes to lighter, worn-in styles. We can possibly attribute this shift to the casual comfort sought by many consumers around the world this year. And denim isn’t limited solely to jeans — products like oversized, vintage-style denim jackets are a popular choice for both men and women in 2020-21
Wholesale apparel brands like Just Black Denim welcome the casual, lived-in-jeans trend. They also offer a variety of rises, washes, and fits in their line.
Kut from the Kloth is another example of a U.S. wholesale clothing brand that offers a wide range of denim options. From jackets to skirts and jeans, the brand offers plenty of choices for the discerning denim stockist.
And when it comes to men’s denim, apparel brand Jack & Jones offers casual styles such as their classic denim jacket.
6. Face masks
This year, many high-quality wholesale clothing brands have shifted their priorities to include the production of cloth face masks. Face masks have been trending throughout 2020, and our marketplace search and purchase data indicates that masks are growing even more popular with buyers as we move into the holiday season. We’re also continuing to see new ways to accessorize cloth face masks, including chains and lanyards.
Face masks were one of the top searched items at Faire Summer Market, and we don’t expect this trend to end anytime soon. Wholesale clothing brands like NYTT have even made masks that match their apparel aesthetic.
Grade & Gather has also created face masks in colors and fabrics that are in line with the rest of their products. They are producing different styles — some with ear loops and others that tie behind the head — for maximum versatility.
TIP #8
Account for the loss of profit when sending offers to likers 

When setting the price of your listing, you want to take account of the fact that most people are going to try and get a further discount off of your item.

Depending on what you’re willing to ‘give up’, list your item at 15% to 30% above what you’d like to make from a sale. That way, when someone offers slightly less, you have a higher chance of agreeing on a number that you’re comfortable with.

You can use this as a negotiating tactic as well. By being open to offers that are less than what you listed the item at, you are going to have an easier time selling the item fast.

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